AI is and always will be undetectable.

If you have an open source AI generator, you can remove all the watermarks and make it completely undetectable.
What makes information valid is its source, its distribution channel and maybe common sense…
In a small survey at an AI conference, 17 out of 23 AI professionals said that AI will be completely undetectable in the future. One thought it would be detectable, and 5 refused to answer on scientific grounds – it’s an empirical question that we’ll have to observe over time (classic scientist back-door).
However, the bottleneck is not the creation of content, but its distribution.
95% of content distribution, measured in terms of the time people spend on different media, is distributed via the privately owned and controlled networks Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, TikTok and X. All of this information is transmitted via the Internet.
Almost all of this information is delivered through devices running the – also privately owned and controlled – Android, OS and Windows operating systems.
In a year when 5 billion people voted for a new government based on this information, I am a little concerned. At least listen to the people around you!

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