Web2 is dying

The bad news is
that we have allowed a few companies to control 99% of the network.
And I admit, I didn’t notice until very recently.
It was great fun.
They showed us tremendous opportunities,
exemplified by a few superstars.
But in reality,
the ones benefiting
were and are they themselves, almost exclusively.


How did we not notice?
I don’t know.
But I can tell you how I noticed.
And I started thinking and investigating.

One of my clients’ accounts got hacked late last year.
The Facebook page and ad account were hijacked.
I had no control over the page anymore, and bills came in from ad-campaigns that had nothing to do with my audience. Not even the language. Completely random payments starting popping up from Mexico, Malaysia, Canada and a few on my clients’ credit card. The page is visible from the US only. I have no access.

I noticed within 48 hours what was going on and notified Facebook immediately.
Not much happened.
I repeatedly got messages to reset my password,
to make my account more secure.
I got instructions to inform Meta about what happened – a history they had 100% on their servers. They wanted proof that the account is mine, and they had the greatest idea of all: “Please ask the new admin of your page to give you access.”

Ok, so like I’m going to ask a thief to return the stuff he stole from me.
Thanks a lot, Meta!

Web3 is getting this power back to the people.
I just read “Read Write Own” by Chris Dixon.
A must-read for everyone interested in waking up !

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