What Is Success

success600x400What is success?

This is the fundamental question all my efforts are based on. Before I start any strategic planning let alone promotional campaigns, I ask this seemingly obvious question. It is, however, sometimes harder to answer than one may think.
One common and easy way to measure success is money. But even quantifying success along this simple metric can get complicated, tends to be completely random, relative and subjective. Being “rich” is not absolute but relative to your social environment and habits. I have met people with no running water in their house call themselves millionaires while others in high standard mansions complained about financial hardship.

It really gets complicated when I ask teams to define personal success one by one, meaning what would make them feel successful personally, independently of the company´s or project´s success. Money, family and time for leisure come to mind. Work-life-balance. In the end it´s a matter of priorities and values. This question each person has to answer for him or herself and it´s not easy because we are all caught up in social expectations and norms. What we think we want is not necessarily what makes us happy.

Personally, I was lucky to be able to escape to the rainforest where most photos on this site are taken for a few months each year for a 10-year period of my life to reflect on myself without outside influences. Well, at least without outside influences that cared much about my personal prioritoes or values. I believe to have found out what I really care about and formed my life accordingly – with the unavoidable restrictions that appear on any path, but with a clear set of values and priorities in mind.

It so happens that many of my clients who are asking for an online shop to expand  and complement their conventional businesses get caught up in personal value and priorities definitions before really getting to work.
But then again, what´s the use of running faster if you don´t know where you really want to go?

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