Skill, Speed and (Fake) Strenth

Plumed Green Double Crested Basilisk; Jesus Christ LizardThe rainforest once again inspired my thoughts for marketing strategy.

The mere sight of this dragon and its common name “Jesus Christ lizard” already suggest the extraordinary. However, this Plumed Basilisk, which is its formal name, has just a very focused survival strategy while not being to specific on its food source.

The Basilisk is onmivorous, eating everything from insects to small rodents to fruit. Being very patient, they are also extremely fast. This gives them the ability to wait in hiding and sprint for their prey. Even walking short distances over water, which gave them their colloquial name Jesus Christ lizard, is part of their strength.

(Not) Being Eaten:
Obviously, there are enemies as well: mainly prey-birds, opossums, and snakes. Their green camouflage helps them avoid these predators (as it help them not being seen by their prey!). If they do get spotted and attacked, their crest makes them look larger, stronger and more dangerous than what they really are – at least for a moment and before a closer “audit”.

Translation to Marketing:
A small firm or start-up needs to be open to who their customers, i.e. food, is. It helps to be open minded and not too picky about what gets you to the next day.
Competition is fierce, especially in interesting markets. Hiding for a while until the firm has established a certain strength  may be a good strategy, even or especially if an exit, i.e. being eaten, is the goal. If you want to grow on your own, i.e. not be eaten, you need to develop special strengths, like Jesus, in order to survive: speed, skill and strength (fake it if you don´t have it!)

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