Especially when bootstrapping, resources tend to be scarce. We need to think well where to spend our time and money, because resources spent on one end may be missing at another and may well kill the venture before it´s grown.

It´s ok to have temporary solutions even though it means thrashing work and redoing it later on. It´s for the sake of surviving the next step. There´s little necessity for a bullet proof and probably exensive, time consuming legal framework for your venture when you have no customers who could make any claims. It makes sense to spend more time on each product or service sold at the beginning although there is a lot of room for automation and logistical improvement. You can move high variable cost to fixed costs later on when you know an investment will pay off and when you have the time to design it.
This doesn´t mean you should not have a legal basis for your business or sell low-quality products. It´s a delicate walk on a thin line where timing is essential.

You also learn with every move on a new venture. So each day and experience with your venture will improve your vision of the perfect design, logistics or legal framework. Experience can help you avoid many pitfalls, but each venture is different, each place and time changes the situation and no-one can tell you in advance what´s right or wrong. Not even in present.

So in the end it´s a matter of judgement what to spend which resources on and when. A well balanced investment mix can decide whether your venture survives or not ; whether you end up with steel screws holding on to air or solid boards.

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