What does our membership include?

If you don't have social media channels, we'll create them for you. If you already have them, we'll set them up to get your business online.
The social media channels we work with are: Facebook, Instagram, X, LinkedIn, Xing and Google my Business. If you would like a different channel for your membership, we can discuss this.
The posting is limited to 1 post per day, if you want the same post on different channels you can ask for it, but we don't make 1 different post for each social media channel.
We publish your post 24 hours a day, Monday to Sunday. You can send us your ideas or petitions by email or WhatsApp.
As soon as the posts go live, we'll send you the post via WhatsApp, so you can share it privately with your contacts or upload it to your status.
The request for a post can start from a specific message, to the client sending us their own media and text. Our contact is open 24/7, however, we'll read the petitions from Monday to Friday. If you want to cover the weekends or have live events, please tell us in advance.
Once we've developed the post, we'll send it to the client to see if they like it or want to make any changes. The first change is free, so check it thoroughly to make sure you don't miss anything. Further changes are tied to a €10 fee, which will be charged along with the membership. We reserve the right to publish if we find something we are not comfortable with.
The format used for posting is 1080x1080, if the client wants other format, we can discuss it. You can send us images and videos to be published. Our designs will be based on one of 3 templates for each client.