About Me


Born in 1973 in Munich Germany, I was bought up in the more industrial part of western Germany until 15 years old.

In 1989, just before of the fall of the Berlin wall, my parents and I moved to Atlanta, USA, where I attended an exclusive private High School.
Two years later, my parents returned to Germany and I decided to attend Boston University to get my undergraduate degree in Business Administration.

Costa Rica came into my life bigger than planned when I travelled there to attend a language course and ended up staying for two full years. This is where I earned my MBA and started my first own venture, Aiko. This rainforest preservation project grew into the first attempt to bring together what I had learned in school with what I believe to be correct: sustainability, collaboration, change and variety.

I spent 1 – 3 months off-grid in the rainforest every year for the subsequent 12 years. Observing, learning and drawing parallels to the “civilized world”.

I returned to Munich, Germany in 1996, to join Germany´s top management consulting firm before getting drafted by the military service and switching to help build the online finance branch of what became Germanys most important online portal until 2002.

Since 2002, I have coached, co-started, co-founded and founded numerous projects of different forms. Some have died, some are alive, some survive at least one makes millions in sales.

My passion is to define business models. To find solutions where other´s may not have looked. The top is not always upstairs.


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