Lessons from the Rainforest

treefrog_aikoPLUSsubsiAiko was the beginning of my entrepreneurial life. The rainforest has taught me many lessons. I have found many parallels between biological and economic ecosystems. And I have applied them to numerous projects; sustainable projects.

A centennial tree falls in the rainforest. About 10% of the trees fall each year. This opens of a huge space in the canopy allowing light to reach the bottom-layer of the rainforest. Light is life. Thousands of small plants start competing immediately for this light, trying to capture their share and a few hundred maybe survive.
I observed this process as the German Telekom lost its monopoly status and exactly the same thing happened.

s u b S I.D E stands for

Sustainability, meaning responsible use of all resources, no exploitation nor excessive growth in order to maintain long term ecological and economical well being and fairness for all is the basis of my decisionmaking.

Colaboration instead of competition with other players with the same long term vision can be a powerful tool for success, especially in changing markets and environments.

Change, improvement and adaptation in times of over-saturated consumers replaces the need for what used to be growth.

Variety and multitude as opposed to few major big players is what I promote. I believe a society with many small and medium sized businesses filling many niche markets rather than one with few large operations serving general products that suit everybody and nobody is desirable.

As I continue my entrepreneurial work, I will continue to source concepts and ideas for a better understanding of how to compete in an extremely competitive world while leaving space for the whole ecosystem we depend on to breathe, eat and survive.

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